What age are ESNAF TOYS suitable for?

ESNAF TOYS are suitable for 3+ age. The good news is that
everyone can make fun of them, even the grown-up kids. The animal puzzles are challenge for everyone who dare to play with them. They are also a funny gift for a friend and a stylish home decoration.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do ship worldwide to every country, using local post office and courier services. Shipping is not included in the price.

How do you play with ESNAF TOYS?

If you match the color magnets, you make the right animal. If you mix the colors, it is up to your imagination. For advanced players the game can be to do it with closed eyes, build the tallest tower or catch the magnets with a fishhook, you can use them for storytelling and home theater as well. The combinations are endless so are the types of games you can make up.

Are the toys painted or varnished?

ESNAF TOYS products are not varnished or polished, they are just painted with natural, eco-friendly paints certified for toys usage.

Where can I find ESNAF TOYS?

Except our web shop ESNAF toys can be found in the stores
mentioned in our section FIND

Can we order animal by our choice?

Animals by the choice of the client can be designed only for big
quantities. Please, contact us for more information on mail@esnaftoys.com

Do you do wholesale?

Yes, we do wholesale. For price list and more
information, please contact us on sales@esnaftoys.com and visit our WHOLESALE page

ESNAF TOYS can be branded with our logo?

We do corporate gifts with branding the toys. You can visit the CORPORATE GIFTS page to see examples.