Lucy vs. Life_with_the_three_giesis

Lucy vs. Life_with_the_three_giesis

I am happy to present you Lucy and Zoe, who I met through Instagram. Lucy creates a fairy room for her little Zoe and shares photos of its interior. In Life_with_the_three_giesis  you can see the magic world of Zoe, all created by her and her parents. For me Lucy is a friend who I never met in person but who feels open and free to share with me personal life, secrets and emotions. This happened so naturally that how couldn't I embrace such friendship. I decided to share her story and attitude to life because it is an extraordinary point of view. Lucy finds piece in religion. Nowadays I can't name many modern moms who rely on religion to deal with difficulties. Religion can be a way, it can be a solution, it can be an alternative, indeed. Here is Lucy, Zoe and their story.

Lucy and Zoe - life with the three giesis

Who are you and what do you do for a living?

I am Lucy, a Filipina who moved to Germany because I married my German husband. I left Philippines 11 years ago, my family and my full-time permanent job in Manila where I worked as a Computer Operator for 7 years. In Germany, since 7 years now I work as a Data Entry Clerk. I started working from full-time to part-time shortly before I got pregnant in 2016.

 Life with the three giesis family

Tell us more about your job and how do you started it? What is your job for you? What does it make you feel?

I have been working from home since the Corona crisis started and it made me love my job more than before. My employer and my colleagues are great. When I started working in November 2014 in this company, it was like "Ok, I finally have a Job, and so I MUST go to work every day." Now, my Job is something I look forward to doing, not because I MUST. It shifted from Obligation to a Passion. This is a much better feeling.

How many children do you have and what are their names?

I have an almost-4-year-old mini-Me and her name is Zoe. 

 Life with the three giesis interior

What is the first thing that came to your mind about your job when the children came?

When Zoe came, she became my top priority. The time with her is more important because I can only spend each day once in her lifetime. Each day is so precious for both of us. This is especially true in her first 3-4 years. I want to experience every milestones in her developmental years.

Life with the three giesis interior

What is the most difficult part of motherhood? 

Losing myself as a person, not having time to take care of myself. I know it is just a matter of time management and setting the priorities straight. But I don’t have "my village" here to help me.

If you have the book Mamah of Helene Deforge, which is your type of mom?If you don't have the book as what type of mom do you define yourself?

I don't have that book but I am a strict type of a mom.

How do you unwind from motherhood and what is your recipe for handling the tough moments?

Actually, that is what I have been struggling with. Time to take care of myself and time for a time-out. I had my Mother-Child-Health Retreat two months ago and I learned to start allocating even just a 10-minutes time every day to do some exercises and going out to enjoy the fresh air. Doing exercises is really good and it is an effective answer against stress and body pains.

Life with the three giesis

What do you dream of ? ( not in general, but personally for yourself)

I dream of a life that I can manage my time effectively and productively both as a Mom, as a Wife and as a person, without any worries in all aspects of life. Is there such reality?

How do the religion help you in the motherhood? 

My faith in God and my personal relationship with Him, they are my source and strength in life. God saved me many times. I fell into Depression and He made a way that I come back to Him by using my friends and my brother and the Doctor who has been trying to help me in my Depression. Since then I do an online Family Bible Study with my Family in the Philipines together with our Pastor there. I won't be here today if it didn't happen. I meet with them every Friday using Messenger.  

How do you practice it?

Having a personal relationship with God. Without it, there is nothing. So I talk to Him through prayers. Small or big prayers anytime of the day, anywhere I am. Having a fellowship through our Bible Study Meetings, reading the Bible, meditating the Words, getting together with our other Bible study group and Church friends here in Germany. 

How did the retreat for moms and kids help you and how did you decide to go to such retreat?

I needed professional guidance that time. The Health Retreat is equipped with them. So it was big help too psychologically. Even during my health retreat I was meeting with my family for our Bible Study. So the Health Retreat was for my physical, emotional and mental well-being and the Bible Study Meetings are for my spiritual life.