Nordic Woods collection



The 'Nordic Woods' collection of wooden magnetic toys pays tribute and is greatly inspired by one of our favorite architectural movements - Bauhaus. To celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019 we created a collection that is based on its main principles. Just like the Bauhaus movement, aimed to reunite fine art and functional design, we strived to create practical objects with a soul. For the creation of the Nordic animals - the Nordic fox, wolf, moose and owl, we used graphic patterns from our actual architectural drawings, as well as typical Bauhaus colors - black, white and red. The first 100 collections of toys will be entirely hand made, each of them having a unique number and themed packaging. Any collections produced after that will be machine made.

  • size of packaging
  • the wooden magnetic toys are suitable for children above 3 years old
  • the wooden magnetic toys are suitable for home decoration, design lovers and design gifts
  • The 'Nordic Woods' collection is entirely handmade. Please allow 1-5 days for the toy manufacturing process.