Nordic woods

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Architecture and toys have always crossed paths. They have fed from each other. A mutual source of inspiration of sorts. If it wasn’t for architecture, toys would not have existed. If it wasn’t the toys we would be different architects altogether. But it has been a battle too – there is only so much time in the world. That is why this year we have decided to blend those two even further. We are using the toys to pay tribute to one of our favorite architectural movements. Our new, minimalistic collection, Nordic woods is massively inspired by the Bauhaus movement. To celebrate its 100th anniversary we created a collection that is based on its main principles. Just like the Bauhaus movement aimed to reunite fine art and functional design, we strived to create practical objects with the soul of artwork. Bauhaus gave way to mass-production design patterns that were simple, rational and accessible to all people. For the creation of our new toys, Nordic fox, wolf, moose and owl, we used graphic patterns from our actual architectural drawings as well as typical Bauhaus colours – black, white and red. The first 100 sets of toys will be entirely hand-made with each of them having a unique number and themed packaging. Any sets that might be produced after that will be machine-made.
beech and oak
Only natural materials are used in the manufacture process.
Size of a single toy – 14/12/3 cm
Size of package of the collection – 29/19/16 cm
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Designed and made by architects using local suppliers.
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