Polar Stories collection


€90,00 €100,00

Polar Stories is our new 2022 collection. It is the only place where Arctic and Antarctic animals can meet. Penguin, Polar bear, Whale and Walrus are designed for the little ones who like to explore the animal world of some of the coldest and most remote places on Earth and who love playing parenting games with toys and their little babies.
The magnetic puzzle collection is entirely handmade of high quality wood and eco friendly paints.

  • Materials: Beech and oak
  • Magnets color: white, black, blue and green
  • Size of Polar Stories package: 19/14/10 cm
  • Package:  You will receive it packed in ecofriendly cardboard packages. Designed by studio PUNKT.
  • Polar Stories collection is suitable for children above 3 years old.
  • Polar Stories collection is handmade. Please, allow 1-3 days for the manufacturing process.
  • Designed and made by architects using local suppliers.