Animal Kingdom collection


€100,00 €114,00
'Animal Kingdom' is a collection of entirely handmade wooden magnetic toys suitable for kids and adults. 
They are crafted with natural materials beech and oak, not varnished or painted.
The giraffe, lion, elephant, rhino or monkey are a part of a collection assembled with embedded magnets. The magnetic toys are best for making puzzles, storytelling, teaching, and challenging your creativity.
  • Materials: beach and oak wood 
  • Magnets color: yellow, orange, blue, pink and purple
  • Size of collection package: 12/6/20 cm
  • Package: You will receive it as whole packed set with paper ecofriendly packaging. Each toy is separately stored in a cardboard box. Packaging designed by studio PUNKT.
  • The wooden magnetic toys are suitable for children above 3 years old.
  • The 'Animal Kingdom' collection is handmade. Please allow 1-5 days for the manufacturing process. 
  • Designed and made by architects using local suppliers.